Let us provide you with the quality conferencing services needed to conduct everyday business; without paying an arm and a leg!

Our secure, online web interface allows you to manage your conferencing account 24/7. Customize your conferences by adding or deleting users; add conference lines for each department in your business or campaign; conduct Q&A sessions, manage your Contacts, mute and un-mute calls, adjust volume, drop callers, or dial-out participants instantly.

Within minutes of a conference call, you will receive an automatic email report providing:

  • All participants on the call + phone number
  • Time participant entered and exited
  • List of participants who asked a question (if applicable)

With our system, you pay for what you use with no minimum costs, sign up fees or monthly dues. There is a flat rate per minute, per participant; it's that simple. Contact us for pricing specifics and more information.

Learn more about the capabilities of Confluent Conferencing

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