Direct Connection

Connect with hundreds or thousands of your targeted audience in one phone call!

Direct Connection dials your targeted audience, whether it is hundreds or thousands of numbers, and patches them all into a call managed and hosted by you within minutes.

This revolutionary tool includes:

  • Question and Answer function
  • Survey/Polling
  • Inbound dial
  • Transfer to live operator
  • Collector screen
  • Send to voicemail
  • Audio webcast

There are many more capabilities with this product that allow you to fundraise, converse and survey your audience during the call. You direct the call through a web-based control screen that displays real-time stats, accepted invites, voicemails left and how many people are in the question queue and how many are participating via the web.

Whether you are targeting clients, supporters, alumni, students or prospects, Direct Connection puts everyone on the line together and you run the show. This interactive phone conference is great for:

- alumni who want to hear from your school's coach.
- prospective students who have questions.
- clients who have questions about recent changes in your company.
- organizations who want to rally supporters to volunteer more or
- donors who want to hear about your goals for the year and can choose to donate over the phone.

The possibilities are endless. Contact Jack today for a demo.

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