Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection is interactive online software designed specifically for use by volunteers either at their home or at designated centers set up by your organization. It is a secure, web-based phone from home program that provides your organization with an effective, affordable way to utilize volunteers and connect with your audience.

Volunteers can use our "Call from Home" dialing system (using their home or cell phone and computer), or they can use our "Call Center in a Case", where your organization can setup calling centers with our Soft Phone headsets. Volunteer Connection delivers a 55% increase in volunteer productivity. In the time it takes traditional centers to make 2,000 calls, your volunteers/staff can make 3,100.

The volunteer incurs no costs for signing up or making calls on your behalf, and they don’t waste time manually dialing numbers from a printed list. Our system calls their phone, and connects them with targeted contacts through the click of a mouse.

With one click, our system calls your volunteer who is then connected to the first number and has the ability to record responses (survey or ID), if necessary, with convenient, easy to use drop-down menus. When an answering machine picks up, the volunteer simply clicks a button to leave a pre-recorded message which could be from your CEO, alumni director or other organization head. After completing the call, instead of hanging up and dialing the next record, your volunteer simply clicks to the next record.

Contact us today for a demo or to learn more about how Volunteer Connection can improve your organization's outreach.

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