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While the mission of our company is relationship building, we specialize in tele-fundraising as it is the core of your operations. We understand that in order to sustain and grow your mission, you need a healthy budget to work with.

Confluent maximizes results on all your fundraising projects with effective messaging, result-driven delivery on every call and data analytics to target the strongest segments of every list. Our account management team will work with you to ensure seamless communication between all parties.

Our fundraising efforts include:

  • Development and execution of a plan
  • Monthly and quarterly reviews
  • Refinement and accountability
  • Accessibility to top list brokers nationwide
  • Real-time monitoring of all projects and detailed donor database analysis
  • Complimentary follow up methods
    • Letter writing, phone calls and blast e-mail reminders

By cultivating communications with prospects and donors, supporters become acclimated into a system of giving. In addition, we complement other outreach mediums like direct mail or email with a phone call which improves response rates. Contact us now for more information.

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