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SMS provides a platform for you to interact with your supporters. This platform targets a hard-to-reach, younger demographic. It also requires an organization to condense its message to just 160 characters which keeps communication precise and well received.

Today in the United States, text messaging is the most popular data service among the 243 million mobile phone subscribers. This creates a powerful opportunity for organizations to enhance their brand and build profitable, life-long relationships with their customers.

Text messages can be one-way or interactive, where the recipient can reply by text or voice. Features include:

  • Right Party Verification
    Interactive text messages can be used to facilitate many types of transactions that may require verification that the message has been received by the intended recipient.
  • Web-based User Interface
    Allows you to change specifications in your account such as message content, frequency of messages and other rules.
  • Dedicated and Shared Short Code
    These five-digit numbers enable real-time, two- way text messaging with most U.S. carriers; ideal for marketing campaigns or inclusion in print communications.
  • Automatic Opt-Out
    Recipients can opt-out of a specific campaign by replying to the text message with "stop".
  • Scheduled and Real-Time Reporting
    As your campaign is delivered, you can see penetration rates, open times and responses as they happen.

SMS can also be teamed up with other methods such as Custom Calls to reach your audience on multiple platforms. Contact us now for more information.

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