Midwest Business Federation Conferencing - Case Study

What We Did: Confluent provided a Midwest state’s business federation an all-encompassing conferencing system that not only allows the client to self-manage their high profile conferencing calls online, but also gives them the choice to create a highly-professional atmosphere by letting a specialized operator manage their call.

We gave the client the freedom to operate their business efficiently without having to contact us to set up calls, create new user accounts or track their monthly minute usage.  The fully equipped, online conference management tool displays all the participants on a call in real-time, permits the host to dial any missing participants while the call is in progress and allows the host to take questions from participants in an easy to manage Q&A session.

In essence, we offered this organization, which operates on both a local and statewide platform, the ability to independently coordinate and manage their conferencing services. In addition, we gave them the luxury of an exclusive operator assisted, hassle free conference.

How We Did It: We designed a personalized online interface branded for the client, and equipped them with the knowledge needed to successfully manage the key functions of their conferencing system. This in turn gave them the ability to handle all of their conferencing lines and users on their end, as well as the ability to schedule a fully operated call as desired.

For their statewide division meetings we provided the client with an intimate conference experience. All of the designated speakers receive VIP treatment by being placed into their own sub-conference where they have the ability to coordinate last minute details without participants hearing. At the same time the speakers are preparing, a trained operator is personally greeting each participant as they join the conference call, recording participant’s names and phone numbers. The operator is also available for any questions as alerted by the client with the touch of a button.

The organization’s leaders were given the full capability to add/delete users and conferencing lines from their account whenever they saw fit; creating conferencing flexibility and self-sufficient users.

Results: Over the past few years this business federation has used multiple conferencing vendors to meet their needs, never fully finding a service they could rely on to be flexible, easily available and have high quality services. But since joining Confluent Conferencing in Nov 2010, the client has moved a vast amount of their users and conference calls to Confluent because of our competitive pricing, online self-management feature and fully operated call options.  So far they have conducted self-managed calls with 20+ participants, successfully scheduled 9 fully operated calls and spent more than 10,000 minutes on the system. The client’s administrator supervises 15 users, all with their own personal conferencing lines and accounts.

The volume of conference capabilities this client now has access to, will only continue to allow their organization to grow, as they will be able to add more users and connect with out-of-state organizations in multiple fashions. When connecting with their 28 other locations statewide, the client has been able to save time and stay organized with our fully operated calls while executing business objectives more efficiently. For their last minute calls, the client has a standing conference line available anytime, anywhere and can uniquely structure the call using the online management tool.

Our competitive price allows us to only charge clients for the minutes they use, with no set-up or monthly fees. As this organization tends to follow a more seasonal business model, this payment structure constantly saves them money and does not pressure them to use their conferencing system every month. Overall Confluent Conferencing brings a flexible, innovative, self-sufficient and cost effective platform to this Midwest Business Federation!

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