Volunteer Connection

Nationwide Advocacy Organization

What We Did: We gave citizens the ability the ability to educate neighbors on the organization’s mission, and in the process, recruit new members/volunteers for the organization. In addition, we wanted to give citizens the ability to carry out this mission in a convenient, accessible way.

How We Did It: We simplified outreach by providing a tool that was easy to use and accessible from any place that had internet connection and a phone or headset. We gave citizens access to our phone-from-home product, Volunteer Connection, so they could carry out the advocacy organization’s mission in a convenient manner.

Results: Citizen activists utilized Volunteer Connection to reach over 236,000 people around the country. The organization was able to activate more than 17,000 supporters to make hundreds of thousands of calls!

In addition, the organization recruited a number of members and volunteers for future efforts. They were also able to ID the nearly quarter million citizens contacted, and update their data files for future efforts.

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