Automated Calls

Membership Renewal

What We Did: A large nationally recognized non-profit organization had experienced declining membership renewals for three years in a row. Despite an aggressive direct mail program, response rates continued to decline.

Confluent recommended a program that enhanced the use of direct mail renewal with a cost-effective, automated calling program to alert members to the mailing and of the importance of renewing their memberships.

How We Did It: An A/B test was set up with half the file getting an automated call and the mailing. The other half only received the mailing.

The President of the organization recorded a brief message thanking members for their continued support and notifying them that they were about to receive an important message from him via mail.

Confluent arranged for the President's phone messages to arrive a day or two before the delivery of the renewal mail piece.

Results: The organization saw a 52% increase in response rates from the renewal mailing. In addition, average donations were 13% higher from individuals who received the call than from those who did not.

Due to the higher response rates, the organization was able to send out fewer reminder notices and lowered overall renewal costs. This enabled the organization to free up budget for other projects.

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