Integrated Fundraising Solutions

Auto calls; Direct Connection and Live Fundraising

What We Did: A regional non-profit arm of a large national Ministries and Education group needed to increase response to donor renewal and drastically re-activate lapsed donors. We helped them design a campaign around their annual Walk for Life fundraising event that utilized auto calls, the Direct Connection product and our strong outbound fundraising team for maximum results and donor reactivation.

How We Did It: We sent an automated pre-call to the lapsed and active donors letting them know that we would be calling them in two days to invite them to join a live Direct Connection event. We also provided the donors with an 800 call in number just in case they missed our auto-transfer invite the night of the event.

The client's guest speaker delivered remarks about their organization and details on their upcoming Walk for Life event. They also utilized our polling and survey feature to ask participants if they were interested in making a financial contribution.

In the days following the Direct Connection, we ran an out-bound fundraising project asking for the donor's continued support. We dialed the same universe that received the pre-call and the same universe that was invited to join the event.

Results: We had a 32% participation rate for the Direct Connection event. (The average participation rate is 21%) The average participant spent 8.91 minutes listening to the Foundations update and interacting as desired.

The outbound live calling followed the Direct Connection event and had over a 100% return on investment for the Foundation. Those who participated in the Direct Connection had a pledge rate over six percent higher than those who did not participate, increasing the total dollars pledged by over 10 percent. The organization expects to net approximately $20,000 from the outbound live calling as well as re-activate almost 500 donors.

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